PTO Tracker for tracking your employee Absences and & Vacation

SnowHR is a PTO Tracking software using which you can customize your paid and unpaid time-off policies for any country in the world.

Stop wasting time keeping track of employee vacations and absences. Let SnowHR do the work for you.

Create a tailored leave policy and approval process that fits your company's needs in minutes and not hours.

Agile, Borderless, and Enterprise-Grade

Unlock the power of a truly international and highly flexible online PTO (Paid time off) Tracking management software designed for enterprises.

Spectrum Brands Europe

Spectrum Brands - 700 employees in 7countries.
Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium.
They have 29 leave types, and 28 Leave policies.

LVMH Hong Kong

LVMH - 150 employees in 5 countries.
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea South, China, Singapore.
They have 20 leave types, and 48 Leave policies.

Free Balance Canada

Freebalance - 175 employees in 20 countries.
USA, Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, UK.
They have 19 leave types, and 52 Leave policies.

Track your employee's paid time off effortlessly for just
$1 per user per month
Affordable peace of mind at your fingertips!

How to apply leave in PTO Tracker

In this video, you will see how an employee can apply for leave in the PTO tracker..

Approving manager's view and Calendars

In this video, you will see how managers approve leaves and view calendars in the PTO tracker..

Wave goodbye to complicated PTO tracking and embrace simplicity

Equipped with 323 dynamic features, our solution addresses all your paid time off requirements effortlessly.

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Bid farewell to understaffing, approval delays, and infinite spreadsheets for maintaining employee leave balances

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We will provide users with the PTO tracker, ready for use, in a span of 3 days.

Take a step back from the tedious task of manually tracking and managing paid time off. SnowHR will do the heavy lifting for you.

Transform your PTO management and boost productivity

PTO In Mobile

All of the web features are also available in the mobile app.

  • Calendar
  • Apply Leave
  • My Leave Balances
  • My Leave Requests
  • Approve Leave Requests

Track your employee's paid time off effortlessly for just
$1 per user per month
Affordable peace of mind at your fingertips!

What is PTO Tracking Software?

PTO tracking software provides a streamlined system for managing leave requests, allowing employees to submit Paid Time off requests to the appropriate managers for approval.

Paid Time Off (PTO) refers to the designated number of days an employee can be absent from work. PTO days are determined by labor laws and company policies, encompassing (but not restricted to) vacation days, public holidays, maternity leave, sick leave, and personal occasions.

Organizations that adopt PTO tracking software gain a competitive advantage over manual methods such as Excel sheets.

Unlocking Business Success: The Art of Mastering Employee PTO Tracking

Employees are as crucial as the bottom line when running a successful business. Whether leading a small but mighty team or managing a large workforce, providing ample Time off can be a game-changer for employee satisfaction and retention. Studies show that many employees would rather have more time off than a pay increase. But managing Time off policies can be challenging, especially starting from scratch. That's where we come in. You can rely on us to develop and implement a customized time-off policy that works for your team, including guidelines for eligibility, Approval process, accruals, notifications, reminders, as well as management. Let us assist you in cultivating a work environment where employees feel appreciated, inspired, and driven to excel daily.

Discover how Paid Time Off (PTO) policies can affect the health and happiness of your workforce.

Saying goodbye to manual PTO tracking is certainly a Win. The SnowHR PTO Tracker allows you to not only benefit from its exceptional efficiency but also gain a deeper understanding of how PTO is used in your organization. It's shocking to learn that only 35% of employees with PTO privileges utilize them fully, leaving an average of five days unused. Unfortunately, one out of every three workers feels pressure to skip taking their PTO days, even though it's not explicitly stated. This shows that when the rules and practices around taking paid time off are confusing and not the same for everyone, it harms the business and affects hardworking employees.

Ensure your staff's welfare is your top priority, protecting them from burnout.

Time off records aren't just for paperwork - they can also help you gauge burnout and absenteeism levels among your team. SnowHR's efficient PTO software can help your employees bring their best to work every day, giving your business a significant advantage.

Easily track your PTO days from anywhere with the convenience of your mobile or desktop.

Employees who are not always in the office can quickly request time off using their smartphones, while those who work in the office can use the mobile app or website. Approvers can approve requests both through the app and website, giving them a complete overview.

Optimize the PTO workflow for smoother operations

Think about trying to manage PTO requests that are written on post-it notes, sent through text messages, left in voicemails, or mentioned casually in conversation. It can be a mess! However, creating a transparent process for requesting PTO can bring order to this chaos and make things easier for everyone. This can lead to a more harmonious work environment.

Simplify your PTO management with our user-friendly software.

Don't let the task of managing employee time off become a burden on your plate. Rewarding your team's hard work with well-deserved time off should be simple and stress-free. It's time to bid farewell to calculators, whiteboards, paper calendars, and haphazard estimations. Embrace the simplicity of effortlessly managing your team's leave and vacations

Simplify your PTO management with our user-friendly software.

Streamlined Request Process

Effortlessly submit and manage PTO requests, eliminating confusion and enhancing communication between employees and managers for a hassle-free experience.

Real-time PTO Balances

Stay informed with up-to-date PTO balances, enabling employees to plan their time off effectively and managers to make informed decisions about staffing needs.

Reduced Manual Errors

Minimize the risk of human errors in calculations and record-keeping by automating the tracking process, ensuring accurate and reliable data for everyone involved.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access insightful reports on PTO usage, trends, and patterns, empowering managers to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Enhanced Compliance

Ensure adherence to company policies and legal regulations by automating leave accruals, tracking, and adjustments, thus avoiding potential legal complications.

Mobile Accessibility

Enjoy the convenience of mobile access, allowing employees to submit requests and managers to approve them on the go, fostering a flexible and connected work environment.

Time and Cost Savings

Minimize time-consuming manual tasks, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic initiatives and reducing administrative overhead costs.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Encourage work-life balance and reduce burnout by providing a transparent and fair PTO system, fostering a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Centralized Record-Keeping

Maintain all time-off data in one unified platform, ensuring easy retrieval, transparency, and improved organization for HR and management.

Customizable Policies

Tailor the software to suit your company's unique PTO policies and requirements, allowing seamless integration into your existing HR processes.

Boosted Productivity

With increased visibility and control over PTO usage, managers can better plan for staffing needs and avoid workflow disruptions, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

Proactive Absenteeism

Management Identify absenteeism patterns early and proactively address potential issues, reducing the negative impact on team morale and productivity.

Track your employee's paid time off effortlessly for just
$1 per user per month
Affordable peace of mind at your fingertips!